Progressive Styles of Management

Progressive styles of management are management strategies which do not conform to traditional management tactics. A progressive manager will look for progressive and innovative ideas to lead his organization. Sometimes the traditional management skills will not work well due to the ever changing dynamics in the corporate world. New technologies have been incorporated which make work easier in the management field. A progressive manager will utilize new innovation to lead his organization to becoming a profitable and sustainable business. There are several characteristics which define a progressive manager. Some of the aspects of a progressive styles of management which you should know include the following:

Forward Thinking

A progressive manager will always favor or advocate for progress. It is against the norm of the progressive manager to maintain things as they are. He will go overboard and look for changes which will benefit the organization. The manager will reform different areas of the organization as a way of trying to make the organization reach greater heights of success. There are several areas where the manager can improve, for example, he can change the way the business used to operate and incorporate digital solutions which will improve service delivery and make it easy for the organization to succeed. He will also look for innovations which will make work easier for the employees. If you will like to become a progress manager, then you need to look for ways of improving the operation of your business. Managers who will restrict themselves to old ways of doing things end up missing in their service delivery. Many organizations are embracing enhanced service delivery through use of digital solutions. As a progressive manager you should assess different types of service delivery available and go for the best tactics which will make your business beat the competition.

Social Responsibility

Progressive management goes hand in hand with progressive management. The manager will focus on social justice and going green. It is a common practice in progressive managers to look for ways of conserving the environment in their area of operation. The managers will always try to balance profitability of the company which they lead with ethical leadership. You will find the managers employing different tactics in their production phase as way of trying to reduce the flue gas emissions to the atmosphere which can interfere with the environment. This leads to balanced development in a given area of operation. There is no need of exploiting say resources from an environment and leave the environment in a bad state. If a given company is involved in extraction of metals, the organization will extract the metals using safe methods and invest some of the profit which they will make in preserving the environment. This contributes greatly towards conserving the environment.


A progressive manager will always strive to produce good results as well as maintaining good social responsibility. Among the goals of a progressive manager include coaching and interaction, two way communication, openness in every aspect of the organization running, intense training, quick and effective delegation. The objectives of the progressive management lead to better customer and employee satisfaction in the long run.

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