Old vs. New management philosophy

When comparing old vs. new management philosophy you will note several differences. Over time, the way businesses have been managed has changed. With time, advancement in technology has made it easy for managers to adopt new innovations which make running of business more effective. Scientific research has been carried out to identify the impact of different activities on the environment. This has made businesses to adopt environmental friendly approaches in their operations.

Old vs. new management philosophy

Old management was company oriented while new philosophy is customer oriented

With time things have changed. The competition in the business world is increasing each and every day. This has made management of business to base decisions on customers. This is unlike traditional forms where companies made decisions basing on what worked well for them

Opinions are data driven unlike traditional opinion driven decisions

Traditionally, managers used to base decisions on opinions. It is unlike nowadays where managers base decisions on scientific researches which are carried out before a decision can be made in any given company.

Nowadays businesses are run on sophisticate system unlike manual systems which used to run old businesses

Due to advancement in technology, nowadays businesses are run on more advanced systems. Nowadays businesses use computers to come up with accurate systems which make work easier for both employees as well as customers. Technological advancements make it easy to run businesses.

Traditionally businesses used to be run on short-term decisions unlike nowadays

Traditionally, businesses used to run on short-term decisions due to lack of advanced scientific systems which can be used to predict future of business. Nowadays technology can be used to predict long term changes in businesses hence making it easy to make long term decisions.

Today’s businesses focus on implementing small changes at a time unlike traditional businesses

Traditionally, business used to implement drastic changes at a time. But, nowadays businesses prefer implementing small changes at a time so that they will learn on how the changes affect their operation. Today’s businesses are working on continuous improvements which are unlike traditional businesses which work on terms.

Today’s business work towards eliminating wastes

This is unlike traditional business which used to tolerate the wastes. In today’s business you will find businesses working swiftly to reduce wastes so that they will remain economical. Nowadays business focus on better corporation between departments for effective service delivery. Business nowadays use technology to eliminate waste as much as possible.

Modern business encourage employee participation and socializing with customers

Unlike traditional managers, where the relationship between employers and employees was not very good, nowadays businesses are working towards improving the relationship between employees and employers. They also encourage socializing between customer and employees as a way of trying to figure out what the customers will prefer most in the services which the business offer.

New mangers guide unlike traditional managers who used to impose decisions

Traditionally, managers used to impose decisions. It is unlike modern managers who lead employees in achieving goals set by the organization. Nowadays managers make the right decisions and guide employees understand on how to achieve the set goals.

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